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Unleash the magic of play with Miracle of KY and TN! Explore a world of innovative and imaginative playgrounds designed just for you. Ready to bring your custom play space to life? Call Miracle of KY and TN today to set up an onsite visit and start building your custom playground today!

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Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
- Fred Rogers

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At Miracle of KY and TN, we believe that every slide, swing, and climb is an avenue for discovery. We create playground experiences that stand apart in innovation so that every visit is a unique journey of exploration.

Whether it's their first time or their hundredth, kids will always find a new corner to explore, a fresh challenge to tackle, and a new way to engage their imaginations.

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smothers park
Owensboro, KY

Located on the Ohio River and completed in August 2012, Miracle of KY and TN worked closely with ESDA Architects and the City of Owensboro to complete this project. This one of a kind playground includes custom features including 30 ft walk through trees, a splash pad area, and ADA ramps accessible through the entire playground.

triple creek park
Gallatin, TN

Nestled in the heart of Gallatin, the playground at Triple Creek Park stands as a testament to inclusive play. The space incorporates a range of ADA compliant recreational features. From a specially-designed wheelchair swing to easy-to-use ramps, a sensory zone, and a pedal park, every detail includes accessibility and fun for all.

freedom playground
Smryna, TN

Located behind the U.S. Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss Memorial, this custom playground provides a unique play experience. The area features dynamic slides, swings, and a ten spin, designed to accommodate a variety of ages and abilities. The design of the playground gives a nod to the Blue Angels, complete with a blue and gold color scheme and a mock tail fin embossed with Kuss' No. 6.

Elizabethtown, KY

Located in the heart of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Funtopia is a playground designed for diverse play experiences. The space incorporates a variety of structures, catering to children of all ages and abilities. Visitors can expect to find interactive slides, engaging swings, and other play elements that promote physical activity and imaginative play.

foust elementary
Owensboro, KY

At Foust Elementary in Owensboro, Kentucky, the playground is a prime example of fun and safety. It showcases a Dome Climber with orbs and a Ten Spin that includes a protective Ten Spin Mat. Young explorers can also enjoy immersive tunnels built for children ages 5-12. Prioritizing safety, the ground is fitted with a Pour-in-Place Rubber Surface. Shade structures are also thoughtfully placed to offer relief on sunny days.

playground of dreams
Arlington, TN

Constructed entirely on astro-turf, this state-of-the-art playground showcases nine slides, a dedicated area with toddler-size and baby swings, and a rope bridge with a jungle gym section. A highlight of the space includes a musical station where kids can explore their artistic interests. This custom playground was designed for children of all age groups to discover, explore, and climb.

The team at Miracle of KY & TN did an AMAZING job with our new playground at our church! Throughout the whole process Josh and their design team were helpful, polite and chose to put our interests and wants upfront while helping us stick to our budget. We look forward to working with them again. Thanks again guys!!

-potter's hope

Miracle is a great company to work with. I can’t tell you how much use our playground gets… If I had to do it all over again, I would build the same size playground and only deal with Miracle.

-Don jenkins
Pres., Jenkins and Wynne Ford Lincoln Honda

There is a reason that Tami sells Miracle playgrounds. The word Miracle is what she makes happen for you on your playground. She can do it all from designing, planning and building your playground. Tami is one stop shopping for your playground. Look what she did for us!

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