Gaga Pits

Made from premium materials, our Gaga Pits are durable, providing a safe arena for the dynamic game of Gaga Ball.

Encouraging both physical agility and strategy, these pits serve as a focal point for spirited play and socializing, welcoming players of varying ages and abilities to engage in energetic fun.

Customizable Gaga Pits for
Every Space

Gaga Ball provides a dynamic and inclusive way for kids to engage in playful activity, with various sizes and adaptable options to suit different play environments.

Our selection includes 15-foot, 20-foot, and 26-foot Gaga Pits, each complete with an ADA Gate Kit to ensure accessibility for all players.

We also offer flooring kits for these sizes, enhancing the play area for safety and performance. Additionally, our 20-foot GAGA2GO Pit offers a portable solution, making it perfect for temporary setups or locations where flexibility is key.

With these options, we cater to schools, churches, camps, and more, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join in the excitement of Gaga Ball.

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