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Budget Friendly Options

In search of individual play units rather than a comprehensive play system? Miracle Playgrounds KY & TN provides separate playground elements that allow you to tailor your play space to fit size, budget, or enhance a current playground. Choose components based on specific categories and enjoy the flexibility of diverse configurations.

Combine various playground designs or collaborate directly with an expert to address your requirements. Our customizable play items include equipment such as: climbers, rocks, swings, spring riders, slides, and spinners.

Explore Our Freestanding Play Structures

Our Freestanding Play Structures offer a dynamic blend of creativity, inclusivity, and engagement. Whether it's sensory exploration or imaginative play, each structure is designed to cater to children of all abilities so that every moment is filled with fun and learning. Some of the Freestanding Structures we provide include:

1. Sensory Panels:
      • Designed for enhanced visibility and tactile engagement
       • Address the sensory needs gap in playgrounds
       • Ground-level, promoting inclusivity and adult-child interaction
       • Versatile: use as an entrance, maze, or in structures

2. GlideAlong:
       • A hybrid of swing and track ride
       • Delivers a smooth glide on an overhead rail
       • Choose from a disc-style or inclusive seat

3. Concerto:
       • Outdoor musical equipment for kids of all capabilities
       • Accessible design suitable for children with mobility devices
       • Brings inclusive, musical play to any setting

4. Sculpted Play Elements:
       • Nature-inspired climbers, from frogs to butterfly meadows
       • Suitable for ages 2-12, capturing the interest of all visitors

5. Mini City:
       • A community of playhouses for immersive play
       • Designed through expert insights for inclusivity
       • Open designs for visibility, fostering imaginative play, and interaction
       • Encourages a range of play from solitary to cooperative

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