Stay in the Shade

Our shade structures are designed to seamlessly match your playground's aesthetic with a variety of fabric and post colors with minimal maintenance. These structures feature quick-release options for easy fabric attachment and removal.

The benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Quality shade structures can lower temperatures, ensuring play equipment remains cool to touch. This reduces direct sunlight exposure, letting children play longer without the risk of sunburns. Our structures can block up to 96% of harmful UV rays, making playgrounds cooler by up to 20 degrees all year round.

Enhancing Your Playground with Shade

Our diverse range of shade structures are designed to maximize comfort and aesthetics for your playground. Options include:

• Single Post Pyramid Shade: Offering coverage of up to 260 feet with just one post, this design is both space-efficient and provides expansive shade.

• Single Post Pyramid Cantilever Shade: Perfect for those seeking a single-post shade but wish to keep the post away from immediate play zones, ensuring it won't interfere with play equipment.

• Hip Shade Structure: Renowned for its flexibility and wide coverage, the Hip shade is available in Two-Post Hip and Joined Hip variants, letting you choose the ideal fit for your playground.

• Pyramid Shades: The square, peaked design of these shades resembles a pyramid. With four sturdy posts, it's suitable for larger areas. For an added flair, the Mariner Pyramid offers a sophisticated layered appearance.

• Integrated Shade: Seamlessly merge shade with play by utilizing your playground's existing posts.

When it's time to choose your shade, trust in an industry leader like Miracle of KY and TN. Our quality materials ensure maximum sun protection and long-lasting durability. We offer a variety of color choices so you can select vibrant shades that beautifully accentuate your project.

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