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Experts in ADA Accessibility

Every child deserves a safe, interactive, and enjoyable play environment. We design playgrounds to not only meet ADA requirements, but to also engage children of all abilities. We offer a variety of products that provide additional accessibility and sensory benefits to create a truly inclusive play space.

All children should be able to participate in elevated and ground-level play. Ramps and transfer points throughout the playground allow children of all abilities to engage.

Integrating a variety of play opportunities can allow children to explore and develop all of their senses, while supporting motor planning and social experiences.

Making Play Spaces Fun for Everyone

Our inclusive playgrounds prioritize designs that allow children of all abilities and ages to play, be engaged, and have fun collectively. These playgrounds are not just wheelchair-accessible; they aim to offer a universally enjoyable experience. Our ADA Accessible Playgrounds include:

1. Multi-Sensory Experiences: Sensory interactions help children understand their surroundings by developing motor and cognitive skills.

2. Universal Engagement: Our designs provide a space where kids of all ages and abilities can come together and have fun. We do this by providing a graduated range of challenge, grouping similar equipment together, and offering equipment for multiple age groups.

3. Enhanced Accessibility: Our designs make sure every child can access our equipment, whether they're using wheelchairs, crutches, or have varied motion capabilities. We use shock-absorbing surfaces, wide movement paths, and smooth transitions on and off equipment.

4. Support for Autism Spectrum: For children on the autism spectrum or those with sensory integration challenges, our playgrounds provide calm, enclosed spaces, set up perimeter paths and fences, and integrate a clear wayfinding system.

5. Create Welcoming Social Environments: We recognize kids play differently across developmental stages. Our equipment supports all play stages from solitary to cooperative play.

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