Essential for Every Playground

Our Playground Borders are essential for creating an organized and secure play environment. Made with the high quality materials, these borders clearly define play areas, ensuring a clean look and a safe zone for children to play.

They are designed to last, with durability that withstands the test of time and play. They're simple to set up, saving time and effort during installation.

Border Options

We offer a range of borders to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Choose from our 4-foot long, 12-inch tall Black Timbers accompanied by stakes for secure grounding—ideal for larger play areas that need clear boundaries.

For spaces requiring lower profile edging, our 4-foot long, 8-inch timbers provide a subtler border solution. Both options are designed to enhance the look and functionality of your playground, contributing to a play space that's as safe as it is inviting.

With these borders in place, you can ensure a structured play environment that maintains its integrity and appeal day after day.

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