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We have expanded our line of safety surfacing! Miracle of KY and TN partners with Playsafer and Shaw Sports Turf to offer turf for playgrounds, dog parks, court yards and playing fields. Wood chips, rubber chips and pour-in-place surfacing are still available as well.

A safe, low-maintenance, and accessible surfacing solution, pour-in-place rubber surfacing is a 2-layer system with many different color and design options. Contact us today to learn more about our pour-in-place surfacing options!

Which Safety Surface is Right for You?

Safety is a non-negotiable when building a playground, and it begins at the ground level with the right surface. Think of it as building a house; the foundation is essential. The wrong surface can lead to injuries, while a well-chosen one can minimize the impact of falls and tumbles.

Injuries can be avoided with careful design and planning of the right safety surface. Choosing shock-absorbing materials like wood chips or rubber over dangerous options like concrete, asphalt, dirt or grass can decrease injuries on your playground. Data from the CDC reveals that roughly 200,000 children annually end up in emergency rooms due to playground-related incidents.

Let's be honest, kids aren't always thinking of safety when they engage in play; let us help take out some of the impact by finding the right surfacing solution. Depending on your budget, options range from economical choices like wood chips and recycled rubber mulch to premium ones like pour-in-place rubber and rubber tiles.

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